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We listen with the intent to understand in order to create with an open mind.

Our content is crafted to communicate implicit meaning, to support a cause and to inspire within.

We believe that everyone has a story worth sharing.

Scopo:  Create with Purpose. 


Adam Reynolds - Co-Founder / Producer / Photographer / Husband / Father / "Tub Tub" 

Adam Reynolds  - Co-Founder / Producer / Photographer / "Tub Tub" 

Adam Reynolds - Co-Founder / Producer / Photographer / "Tub Tub" 

Adam Reynolds has a tasteful balance of contorting himself in awkward positions, executing thoughtful and humorous pranks on friends, to being a selfless and loving father/husband.  He’s driven, confident yet humble, loyal, open to new ideas, inspired by new creative outlets, and rarely talks about his many accomplishments.   He has fine tuned his skills as a producer and coordinator in the television/commercial world and has had his talents as a surf photographer recognized by being published across multiple international publications.  His priorities and views are inspiring and his work ethic will challenge even the passionate.  -smp



Shane M. Passantino - Co-Founder / Creative Director / Photographer / Art Dept. / "Pazzo" or "Night Train

Book a plane ticket to a foreign land with Shane M. Passantino and you’re guaranteed to walk away from the experience with a greater sense of self-awareness and a refined sense of adventure.  A seasoned world traveler, Shane's appreciation for the genuine human experience is undeniable.  He will not only encourage you but also inspire you to challenge your comfort zones in order to see the world in a new light, one that exposes the true values of personal relationships, humility, devotion and creativity.  These same beliefs come across in his zest for storytelling and selfless giving.  A California native, Shane embodies the kind-hearted and adventurous spirit that you’d come expect from the Golden State.  - a.r.